Powder coating machine


1. 100 kV powder gun:
Horizontally mounted with replaceable rebounding plates to adjust the size of the powder cloud

2. Dusting chamber:
Made of 10 mm thick polystyrene with inner dusting chamber for calming down the vacuum air and increasing the powdering quality.

3. Micro-fine dosing device:
In order to optimise the powder application at low extrusion speeds, the machine optionally can be equipped with a continuously adjustable dosing device that makes sure that only a breath of powder is blown to the powder guns.

4. Control panel / powder-flow indicator:
Compact operator panel to control the electrostatic, powder-quantity adjustment and powder-flow indicator incl. potential-free contact, alarm lamp.

5. Powder refilling / compressed-air dryer:
On the backside of the machine is situated the door to refill the machine also during operation. For protecting the filters, fluidised bed and powder, there is mounted a compressed-air dyer.

6. Powder loader:
For refilling the machine automatically, we deliver a 90 l powder loader, which is connected to the machine by a 3 m long hose. The control is effected by a level sensor in the machine.