Customer information „RS POWDERTECH“ and „RS MULTICUT“

Dear Sir or Madam,

ROLF SCHLICHT GmbHis known to you as a business partner with the expertise of almost 60 years in the cable, rubber and plastics industry.
The reason for this customer information is that one of our suppliers is currently questioning the contractual cooperation and may have already approached you to sell our machines independently in future.

For this we are giving the following statement:

The description that ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH is acting or acted as a "distribution partner" for the product lines " RS POWDERTECH " and "RS MULTICUT", is wrong.
It is true that the protected branded products are produced by suppliers on behalf of ROLF SCHLICHT as manufacturer. Direct distribution by third parties is currently not permitted. The situation will be dealt with legally.

This is to inform you that we generally are not afraid of any kind of competition. We would like to face this competition because we are convinced of the quality of our products. The supplier however, is not allowed to offer and sell the protected products independently. This is not protection against unpleasant competition on our part, but ensuring our protected rights. You will surely understand.

In any case, we will ensure that our customers receive high quality, reliability and on-time delivery. In this context, we are pleased to inform you that in order to secure our production, we were able to engage Mr. Deckert as the founder of DCM Deckert Maschinenbau GmbH with his experienced team. You also recognize that we do not question the tried and tested in high quality.

Also in the next few years you can rely on a stable and constructive business relationship with ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH and count on our expertise of almost 60 years in the cable, rubber and plastics industry.

Of course, we are personally available for your questions.

Lars.Bochmann        Heiko.Heynen
Phone: +49 4533 6063-100 - Info[@]

Yours faithfully,
Heiko Heynen          Lars Bochmann
(Managing Directors)

Background information about brands and companies:

ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH - Quality & Compentence since 1959
For almost 60 years ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling machines for the rubber, plastics and cable industry.
With our machines and our commercial agencies, we are your long-standing, competent partner for powdering and cutting solutions, as well as machines and equipment along the entire production chain.
In 1983, ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH launched the “Talkomat” and the "Talkator", the first automated, dust-free solutions for powdering profiles and cables with a wide range of powders by the founder, Rolf Schlicht, under the "RS POWDERTECH" brand. Starting with the “Talkomat” and the "Talkator", going on with "RS 80" we today achieved the youngest (but certainly not last) machine generation, which is the RSC model (ROLF SCHLICHT Coating RSC XXX-2E to 4E and RSC XXX-2N to 4N). First powdering solutions have already been built and distributed from 1959.
Under the brand "RS MULTICUT" develops, manufactures and sells ROLF SCHLICHT GmbH together with various partners machines for cutting of a wide range of materials and profiles in the extrusion sequence as well as peripheral equipment required for this purpose. (MC, OC, CC, TEM, TGM, TGT, RS NM guillotine and circular knives, caterpillars series RB and discharge systems).
60 years of experience in the market, excellent contacts in the industry and close, trusting cooperation with our customers and our agents in different countries have contributed to the continuous improvement of our products.

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