Electrostatic powdering coating machine for a dust-free and fine adjustable powder-coating of cables, wires, hoses, profiles and bands with powders like talc, stearate, swellable powder etc.

Machine description
This machine is the result of a consequent further development of the preceding model PBA 30-2E. By developing new techniques in the field of electrostatic and filter systems we succeeded in simplifying the machine, reducing the air consumption considerably, reducing the costs, but maintaining the well known powdering quality.


  •  1 - 4 powder guns, 100 kV
  •  filter without cleaning by compressed air
  •  compressed-air consumption reduced by 2/3
  •  defined adhesive power
  •  inner dusting chamber
  •  powder-flow indication with alarm
  •  free standing dusting chamber
  •  90 l powder hopper
  •  fine dosing device