Scissors-like cutting system


Machine description
RS Multicut SC-80 scissors-like cutting system by means of a cam disc and servo technology.

Cutting in stop-position results in best length tolerance, angular cut, single cuts, more than 300 cuts/min are possible.

Application for profiles in the building and furniture industry, scanner profiles, semi-rigid and rigid materials.

In case you do not cut, we offer also a comprehensive programme of semi or full-automatic coilers with hooping, strapping, shrinking as well as ejecting respectively stacking systems on pallets or conveyor belts.

The operational field of our systems is the plastics and rubber extrusion for the manufacturing of hoses, pipes, profiles, strips ranging from smallest diameters less than 1 mm in the medical technology up to pipes about 100 mm diameter. We supply our feeding and cutting systems also in GMP design for the pharmaceutical industry and for clean room in the medical technology.

The machines are working in extrusion lines, but also off-line from bobbins, coils or out of pallets.

We customize the plants to your wishes and requirements in order to reach the utmost efficiency for you.